It’s that time again - time to check in on what is going on in the wide world of detailing. I’m your host Keith Duplessie, so let’s get started… 

  1. What’s going on? - The Dog Days of Summer!! It’s Hot and well into the summer detailing season for all of us. P&S is in full swing of supporting our major summer events - the Air Force One project and the McCall’s/Motorlux event. We just wrapped up another great year supporting the Air Force One Detailing Team at the Boeing Museum of Flight, and it is always a great reminder of just how many great detailers are in our industry. This year’s team was diverse, and representative of our industry, and we thank them for giving a week of their time to help preserve and protect what are truly national treasures! We are also just a few weeks away from car week at Monterey, and P&S will once again host another team of world class detailers to support the Motorlux and Quail events. Monterey brings detailers from all over the world and we want to invite all of you that will be attending to joins us at RG Burgers 201 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923 - for our annual IDA Meet and Greet on Thursday 18, August at 6:30PM. For those that can’t get out to Monterey, keep an eye on social media and support your fellow detailers as they do some incredible work! 
  1. What’s Trending? - One Steps, All In One’s, Primer Polishes, Paint - any way you put it, this is a trend that is worth paying attention to. More and more we are seeing thinner paint and clear coats, and our ability to compound and polish on them also get’s more limited in how aggressive we can be. For this reason, a primer polish, or one step that has limited cutting and more of a paint refinement with protection in it is a much more reasonable and prudent approach for long term paint care and conditioning. Often times, customers do not expect 100% defect removal, they want the paint brightened up, and the surface shiny and smooth that will repel water. A polish with protectant over it or a one-step polish protectant can a great way to get there in one step. P&S has a couple great products for this - Play Maker and Ultracoat Polish provide a good amount of correction with a layer of protection left behind to keep the paint looking and feeling great. You also can’t go wrong with polishing with Deep Finish (one of my favorites) and a layer of Bead Maker. Give them a try and see what you think - you might be surprised by how much you can do with just one step.
  1. What could the future be? - SEMA is back! I think, after 2 years, we will see SEMA come back stronger than ever. A couple of the major car manufactures have stepped away from the event, but I think this gives the show an opportunity to really focus and highlight the aftermarket even more. If you are a detail shop that is looking for that extra opportunity to generate revenue, SEMA is a great place to explore add in items and program that can help you get more revenue out of your current customers. SEMA is also a great place to discover that next big thing in our industry. Bead Maker is a staple for us now, but there was a time it was new and we introduced it at SEMA’s new product showcase, so you never know what you might find just waiting to be discovered - could just be the next big thing. Check it out

That’s all for now - We have to go pack our bags and get ready to go to Monterey for the big Party!!

Keith Duplessie