Have you tried this process yet? I have been doing wash, clay, seal exclusively for about 5 years now as the exterior portion of my full details.  While the vehicle is still wet from the initial wash, I spray a liberal amount of Bead Maker on the surface and use the Reset Clay Towel to not only exfoliate and decontaminate the paint, but the Bead Maker then bonds with the paint and now your sealant is applied and Done! Then you dry vehicle with a good microfiber drying towel as per usual.

So fast yet SO effective! It adds approximately 15-20 minutes to my total wash process. Personally, I have seen Bead Maker protecting that vehicle for 6-8 months on average which is a win win for both myself and my customer.  The paint is smooth and glossy! This process also really allows me be to be efficient on my fees and keep all paint corrections as its own service with a separate fee.

I also get the question a lot, what is Ceramic Maintenance? This! This is it, it is the perfect way to remove any contamination clogging the coating and laying down a top sealant to continue to protect that coating. It’s fast, and leaves the vehicle looking great and coating renewed.

Sydni Gwinn