We all know that P&S has many great products that are a great value. What makes them a great value? The sizes that are available and their ability to be diluted to your desired ratio.

As a detailing business owner, I have been purchasing professional grade detailing products since the late 90s. I learned a long time ago to buy my favorite products in bulk. Not only to save money, but also to make sure I always have plenty of product on hand.  When I see that I’m running out of a gallon of my favorite product, my bulk supply ensures that I’ll have enough to get me through my appointments until I can order more online, stop by my local detail supply store, or get a delivery from my route distributor.

It can be very disrupting to run out of a product in the middle of a job, so here are my suggestions for smart buying habits…

  1. If you use a gallon of soap every week, have a backstock of 2 gallons.
  2. If you use a product in high volume that is hard to get, or that could potentially have availability issues, have a backstock of 5 gallons so you can handle any supply interruptions. P&S Brake Buster and Iron Buster are good examples due to their popularity.
  3. If you offer ceramic coatings, always keep a backstock of 3 bottles just in case you book a last minute job, or drop a bottle and break it in the middle of a job.

In order to get maximum value and performance from the products you use and bring your cost per vehicle down, make sure that you are diluting your products correctly. Follow the dilution instructions on the bottle, or the guide on a dilution station like our Chemtrol system. Monitoring your product inventory, expense and usage will make your business more profitable.

Kyle Clark