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Detail Studio Training

P&S Detail Studio: 20953 Cabot Blvd., Hayward CA 94545

Our 1-Day P&S Detail Studio Training is a great way for professional detailers to refine their skills, and for hobbyists to get engaged with professional detailing products and techniques.

-Proper Selection, Handling & Storage of Chemicals

-Step-by-step procedures for maximum efficiency and best results

-Interior Detailing Procedures & Techniques, including:
• Carpet cleaning and stain removal
• Proper use of steam machine and hot water extractor
• Cleaning and dressing interior panels
• Leather care
• Getting windows streak-free clean

-Exterior Detailing Procedures & Techniques, including:
• Removing surface contamination and fallout with clay
• Identification and solutions for paint imperfections
• Choosing the right polisher, pad, and polishing chemical
• Proper Buffer/Polisher Handling Skills
• Paint protection options, including ceramic coating

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These classess take place back to back within the same week. If you would like to attend both classes, please plan accordingly. 

Ceramic Coating Training
This training course covers a more in-depth level of prepping the exterior of the vehicle, paint correction, and Long-term protection.
  • Initial Inspection & Customer Expectations Discussion
  • Contaminant Identification and Solutions
  • Absolute Rinseless Wash
    • Special Wash/Clay/Seal Demonstration
  • Mechanical Paint Decontamination (Clay!)
  • Paint Depth Inspection & Discussion
  • Introduction to Rotary, Gear Driven, and Free-Spin Dual-Action Polishers with Demonstration
  • In-depth Polishing Pad and Product Discussion
  • Test-spot Demonstration & Discussion
  • Glass Polishing
  • 1 or 2 step Paint Correction
  • Final Prep
  • Complete P&S Ceramic Coating Line Discussion
  • P&S Vue Glass Coating Installation
  • P&S Legend Coating Installation
  • P&S Classing Coating Installation
  • Ceramic Coating Certificate and Installer Map Eligibility




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