Hey Dave! What’s the Deal with the P&S Off Road Line?

I am so excited about the new P&S OFF ROAD line, now that we have released it. This has been such a fun project. Collaboration with Kyle Clark and The Rag Company has helped build a really strong product offering that I think will impress a lot of customers. The brand has a very strong appearance with bright colors and really functional products. It’s going to be so much fun as the P&S OFF ROAD product line evolves.

Of course, the first question people ask is “what is it like”? I’m happy to say that because of the increased duty requirements of the products and the unique applications, this line is not like anything else P&S offers. Much like the BABE’S Boats product line, these products require a different perspective on what the products are doing and how they get the job done.

For off-roading, you need to consider that there really isn’t an interior on most of the vehicles, even though we are making an interior cleaner.  The interior is literally a cockpit where the action happens and surfaces are quite a bit different than auto interiors.  Off Roading includes a ton of dust, dirt, mud, water, UV exposure and potentially salt that the vehicles are exposed to. Even though the plastics, metals and painted surfaces look the same, they are not and have different cleaning requirements.

Adding features to the products to accommodate the added needs, for example rust inhibitors are found in many of the products, increased UV protection, antistatic agents, anti-soiling ingredients to make surfaces “easier to clean next time”.   Some of these additions may be slight changes but add huge value over time to the brand.  Like I said, it’s been fun to learn about these new materials and implement them into the products.  I am really looking forward to the client's response to these incredible products.  Go OFF ROAD!