Kyle's Tip! Be Prepared for any Wheel Situation

Want to bring dirty wheels and tires back life? The P&S Iron Buster, Brake Buster, Undressed trio has all the cleaning power you need!

  1. Start by pre-treating the wheel with Iron Buster. This will dissolve the iron particles on the barrel, the face, and the brake caliper.
  2. Use Undressed to pre-treat the tire, then scrub to remove all the old caked-on tire dressing, road grime, and dirt.
  3. Spray our world famous Brake Buster on the wheel and tire to keep it wet and increase the cleaning power on the surfaces.
  4. Agitate the wheel with your cleaning tools and give the tire a good final scrub.
  5. Finally, rinse for a clean stripped tire and a fresh wheel.