Sydni's Tip: Applying Tire Dressing with No Mess

I keep seeing this application method all over social media and TikTok, and everyone is asking “What is that Brush”

I have been using the flag tip wheel brush for years to apply my tire dressings, thanks to none other than Prentice St Clair, our Director of Training, who showed me this method for applying gel based dressings, and over the years I have come to love it for ALL of my tire dressings.  It keeps the wheel clean, minimizes product waste, and provides a truly even finish. 

When you first get your wheel brush, you want keep it dedicated to an individual dressing, so you may need several.  Write on the handle with Sharpie or make the fancy labels if you need to keep them organized.  Then after a few tires, your brush will be perfectly seasoned!  Do Not Ever clean the brush again, seasoned is a good thing!  It will last you for months to years from this point depending on how often you are applying dressings.
I especially love this method with the latest release from P&S Detail Products Pro Series, Dressed Tire Finish, which is a polymer based dressing.  It just applies so nicely!
You can find these flag tip brushes at most detail supply stores or on Amazon.  Grab one and I promise you will enjoy dressing tires again!