Hey Dave! What’s the Deal with P&S Double Black Paint Gloss?

Quick detailers were introduced in the early 90’s to support the use of clay products and microfiber towels.  Looking back, myself and other manufacturers had no idea on how essential these products would be become in the future. My goal in formulating Paint Gloss was to create a product for use with clay as a lubricant, pairing well with microfiber towels and for use as a quick detailer to remove polish/compound residue and subtly enhance all surfaces.  In observing other products in the category I noted most created more problems than benefits which motivated me to build a product that could adapt for use in all environments. 

Prior to Paint Gloss and microfiber towels the final wipe down of paint after paint correction was a serious challenge.  Detailers typically used the technique of following compounding/polishing with waxing to provide protection but more importantly as the final step to even out the paint finish.  The addition of Paint Gloss paired with microfiber towels has made the final wipe down essentially easy.  The then terry cloth towel or diapers quite frankly were ineffective at removing smudges and fingerprints until quick detailers like Paint Gloss were invented. 

Now the category of quick detailers, sprayable paint protectants and SI02 sprays presents quite an opportunity to create an impactful product.  The correct pairing of raw materials is a must to compete in such a competitive space.  Hard to believe Paint Gloss is still an incredible relevant product 39 year after its initial introduction.  My objective in creating a versatile product over 30 years ago was the right idea at the time and is still a quality product.  When in doubt use Paint Gloss as a quick detailer to wipe paint, trim, glass, metal, prime pads, clean door jambs its most important job today……wipe down Air Force One every year!  Cheers to Paint Gloss!