Kyle’s Tip! P&S Water Spot Remover & Inspiration Coating Saver Applicator

P&S Water Spot Remover from the Pro Series line is extremely effective in removing water spot calcium deposits on paint, glass and wheels.

This is a heavy duty acid cleaner, and safety is always a concern while using any acid, so here are my professional tips on using P&S Water Spot Remover...

It is highly recommended that you wear the proper safety equipment, such as a respirator, gloves and eye protection.

When applying the Water Spot Remover, I like to use our Inspiration Coating Saver Applicator. I apply a liberal amount of the Water Spot Remover to the applicator, and then apply to the car in a uniform motion. This allows a large amount of product to lay on the surface and cut through the visible calcium rings. As you apply the Water Spot Remover, you’ll begin to see the rings disappearing in the wet area.

Continue to apply the product until there are no visible rings. Make sure you do this in a cool shaded area, and be sure you deactivate or neutralize the acid after you have inspected the area and confirm the water spots have been removed.

My favorite products to neutralize acid are either Brake Buster or Enviro Clean, either will work well. After neutralizing, rinse thoroughly with water, dry the area and apply your favorite wax, sealant, or coating.