Ok, So now that we’ve heard the history and official uses for Paint Gloss from Mr. Dave Phillips himself, let me tell you a little secret...

If you know me, you know that I LOVE to push these chemicals to their limits, and find wild and crazy alternative uses.  

So a couple years ago, while investigating what makes Paint Gloss so great, I found that it not only had light cleaning abilities, as in a waterless wash but it also possessed anti-static properties.  

This got me thinking about one of my biggest frustrations as a detailer and that is Vacuuming!  The constant going over the same area multiple times because of static electricity and friction just causing the dirt, sand and hair to pop up and suck right back down on the carpet. You know the drill.

So I decided to try using Paint Gloss as a Vacuum Aid of sorts and HOLY MOLY a star was born.  Spritzing one or two sprays on each area prior to vacuuming cut my vacuuming time in half, left an amazing result due to the cleaning abilities- It made the carpets appear dark, rich, and clean.  Paint Gloss also works as a great lubrication spray for tools like the Fur-Eel and Pet Stones helping them last significantly longer. 

Everyone that I share this secret tip with is amazed and they agree with me that they literally can not vacuum now without it!  That is my Cheers to Paint Gloss

Chris Woolman