Here’s The Deal with Renny Doyle: The Importance of the Right Reputation

Building a reputation does not happen overnight, but your reputation starts with your very first customer. In detailing, many assume that reputation relates to high-end performance, luxury and exotic cars. That assumption is on target if you are operating in markets like Miami, West Los Angeles or anywhere these types of vehicles are common.

However, in the rest of the world, you want to concentrate on cars that are common and desirable in that market. If you are in the small town of Buffalo, Oklahoma where a Lamborghini is never seen, why would you try to build your reputation by having a website, business card, or flyer with a picture of a Lamborghini or Ferrari on it? Oklahoma is all about American-built pickup trucks and SUVs.

If you market the before-and-after photos of that shiny and clean truck or SUV, people in Buffalo, Oklahoma will see value in you. Don’t market fancy in an average market and don’t market average services within an elite-level market. Relate to your market and ideal client and odds are, they will relate to you. Be known for quality. Be known for detailing knowledge. Be likable. That’s how you will build your reputation.