Truth be told, the secret to the success of our work is to feel like an artist, and it’s all in the details, right? My secret weapon is by far P&S No Rub Coating.

This aerosol spray, self-leveling coating gets in all the small nooks and crannies that typical applicators or brushes can’t reach. It rehydrates them and turns them black without leaving greasy finish.

Before I do the final wipe down of the car, I will go around and spray all the hard to reach areas that need dressing both inside and out with No Rub Coating. On the exterior, I will spray the plastic grill, cowling, black vents, fender wells, above the tail pipes, or any spots that need it.

No Rub Coating is also great in the door jams to rehydrate the plastic covers over the wiring harnesses and hinges.

On the interior, I spray No Rub Coating into the cup holders, vents, in-between the seats, seat belt buckles, anything that is tight and appears faded! It’s an instant face lift.

Then I complete my final inspection wipe down on the whole car to catch any overspray and voilà! This product makes a world of difference in the final results of your detail!

Sydni Gwinn