BABE'S - Reflection - SiO2 Protectant



REFLECTION – BABE’S SiO2 Protectant is an easy-to-use, SiO2-based spray protectant that quickly adds gloss and hydrophobic properties to your boats surface. Use BABE’S REFLECTION for a final spray on ceramic coating or as a stand-alone SiO2 Protectant. REFLECTION is a water-activated formula that causes water to bead up and roll off your boat minimizing water-spotting. Our advanced UV protection ensures your boat remains clean, shiny, and well protected in any environment. Primarily developed for gelcoat, REFLECTION may also be used on metal, glass and trim.

Directions: If using as a coating topper ensure coating has had time to set up prior to applying REFLECTION. In most cases we recommend 1 hour minimum. Apply to a cool surface when possible and out of direct sunlight. REFLECTION may be applied directly to the gelcoat or sprayed onto microfiber towel and wipe applied. Once applied spread evenly for uniform application in a 3’ x 3’ area, allow to set briefly then flip microfiber towel and wipe to bright finish. Repeat process over entire boat.