1. What’s going on? - SEMA.  Team P&S will make our return to SEMA this year after a 2 year absence. With a much larger booth that is all new, you won’t want to miss it! This is going to be a great opportunity for us to highlight everything we have done sine we were last at SEMA. With the nearly 30 products we have debuted since we were last there, we have a lot to share! If you plan on attending, please come by the booth and catch up and let us know what you’ve been up to. The whole team will be there, so now is your chance to ask Dave that burning question, get a little one on one time with Renny, and hang out live and in person with Sydni and Kyle.  Also back for the 9th year is Renny’s Party - his industry wide gathering of detailing pro’s and enthusiasts is Wednesday night after the show. Check out the link at the bottom to sign up in advance and let us know you are coming (it’s a free event, we just like to know how many to plan for). This is an off site event, so registering in advance will get you all the details.
2. What’s Trending?  ABSOLUTE - Our new Absolute Rinseless wash is off to a great start, and is getting rave reviews. If you haven’t tried a Rinseless product before, it might be time to. If you have, we think you will enjoy the experience of using Absolute. With water usage becoming more restrictive every year, turning to a Rinseless process for your maintenance washes is worth considering. It uses less water, than a regular wash, less towels than a waterless wash, and is a really efficient process for washing. Absolute also has many other great users like clay lubrication, window cleaning and more, so check out our Youtube Channel for a great video on how to use it. Orange is trending - it’s Halloween, and I am not saying Bead Maker is Orange for this reason, but it does kind of go with the season, and it sure smells better than some old pumpkin. If it’s been a while, pull it out and take it for a spin. That gloss and slickness never get’s old and it is perfect pairing for Absolute!!

3. What could the future be?  There is so much that could happen before the end of the year. SEMA is a great place to find that new item or idea, but you don’t have to go to SEMA just for that. Some trending business ideas are - Short Form Video Content - TikTok, YouTube and Instagram Reels have all started to be a great way to connect, tell your story and relate to potential customers. If you aren’t doing it, you may want to start thinking about it. Increased Agility is another trend - making it easier for your customers to spend money with you is increasingly important - from payment processing methods, to online/ phone ordering, online appointment booking, to having a retail space they can pick things up at their convenience - finding better and easier ways to let your customers buy from you won’t be going away any time soon. Increasing Value - offering increased value is always in, but now it can be what separates you from your competition. Training and education are great ways to add value, and build that relationship. Be the expert in your market and don’t be afraid to share some skills and tips and tricks. 
Time to go - I need to get my costume sorted out and we got a show to get ready for. I look forward to seeing you at SEMA or out on the road as I travel. Happy Halloween!!