The Situation Room with Bob Phillips: Monterey Car Week & Gordon McCall

As we head in to Monterey Car Week I reflect back to SEMA 2014 when I reconnected with a long time industry friend Gordon McCall.  Gordon had been a client of P&S at that time for over 34 years.  We had done a project together back in 2004 when we developed the McCall’s product line which launched at his party the McCall’s Motorworks Revival Event.  The product line was not successful but I truly appreciated the vision and opportunity to work with Gordon.  His passion for the car industry is beyond description. 

It was our shared passion for doing right by the industry that drove me to contact him after SEMA and collaborate on a unique idea on bringing detailers together for both his event and The Quail a Motorsports Gathering.  The McCall’s Detail TEAM concept was born.  The vision from the start was how could we give back to the industry we both enjoyed.  He and I witnessed the passion of The Detail Mafia and how much they strived to improve and how connecting made our industry stronger.

It has been a true honor to make this event happen every year.  TEAM P&S and The Detail Mafia with the massive help from many have brought over 140 detailers to two of the most prestigious events in the auto industry over the last 7 years.  Attending these events provides a platform for detailers to engage each other and see how far they can take their business and lives with vision and passion.

Monterey Car Week is the Super Bowl of detailing and it does not get any better.  This is not now nor has it ever been about our product or company.  Monterey Car Week for TEAM P&S and The Detail Mafia is about our industry and what can we do to make it better.  We owe a serious THANK YOU to all of those who have made it special and to my (our) good friend Gordon McCall as none of this would have happened without him believing in me and The Detail Mafia.

Cheers to you Gordon and thank you for your continued support of Professional Detailing Industry.  We honor you this week with our hard work!