Sydni’s Tip: My Favorite Towel

It shouldn’t come as a surprise what my favorite towel is, it’s pretty much my every answer when asked what towel I use.

The FTW towel from the Rag Company started off getting its name FTW “For The Window” but has since morphed into the stand out towel or many detailing tasks.  I also really love the color coding.

Glass is every detailers least favorite job, but it’s my thing!  I love the blue FTW on glass for the absorbency and the non-linting result from this towel. It has really cut down on any streaking and wipes so smooth. 

Bead Maker is flawless when applied with the Orange FTW.  The loop fibers spread the Bead Maker and absorb it back up leaving very little chance for streaking.  Another reason I prefer this towel is because the Bead Maker strips out of the towels fairly easily when using Rags to Riches, making them last a really long time.

And let’s face it, Dream Maker and the Pink FTW are like peanut butter and jelly. Just better together,  no other substitutes.  Because of the viscosity of Dream Maker you need a highly absorbent towel to spread and wipe the flash. Perfect glowing results every time!

Another note-able that I love the FTW for is Paint Prep prior to coating. I can use enough Paint Prep to know I’m really cleansing the surface and not leaving anything behind. The non-linting characteristics are a big plus as well!

P&S Detail Products carries all 3 colors currently.