I get asked all the time if I use Vue Inspiration Glass Coating on every ceramic coating job that I do, and my answer is always YES!  Every. Single. Time. 

I find that in all the trainings I attend, and detailers I talk to, there are a lot of folks out there that don’t fully understand how great Vue is and how it truly completes a coating experience on a vehicle for the customer.  I often hear “It's not necessary in my area” because most assume it only has the benefits of Rain-X.

Here's my philosophy...  If we are protecting essentially all parts of the vehicle including the wheels, paint, and trim, then why not the glass?  During rain, snow, dirt, bug season, darkness, it's literally the first thing the customer sees because they are looking straight through it. 

Inspiration Vue Glass Coating has many important benefits:
  • Truly ads clarity to the windshield
  • Excellent rain and water repellency
  • Makes removing bug guts and fallout significantly easier during the cleaning process
  • Enhances night vision and reduces glare
  • Makes snow and ice removal easier
  • Measurable impact protection.  After having it on over 100 vehicles in the last 2 years I definitely see a huge decrease in rock and sand pitting in the windshields
In my business I have found it easier to have packages for coatings rather than itemizing everything.  So, all of my packages now include all of the glass polished with Clarity Creme (putting the whole best appearance forward) and then the windshield is coated with two coats of Vue. It's not an up-charge, it's already built in to my overall coating fee. I already have the glass prepped and all my supplies out, it takes me just 10 extra minutes to coat the windshield. Like I said, it completes the ceramic coating experience for the customer. 

I am a huge fan of Inspiration Vue Glass Coating and my customers absolutely love it!

Sydni Brae Gwinn
Sydni Gwinn