Kyle’s Tip: Enviro-Clean, The Biodegradable Degreaser Swiss Army Knife

Enviro-Clean is one of the most versatile cleaners in the P&S lineup. It’s a star in the Chemtrol line because it allows the technician to tackle the lightest cleaning jobs with a 20:1 dilution all the way to the heaviest dirt and grime at a 5:1 dilution.

Some of my favorite Enviro-Clean uses include cleaning very dirty door panels and kick plates, and pre-treating exterior rocker panels before a rinse and contact wash. I have had great success cleaning oil and grime off the belly of airplanes too!

For efficiency, I recommend having three bottles of Enviro-Clean. One at a heavy cut 5:1, the second bottle at 10:1 for medium duty cleaning, and the third at 20:1 for light cleaning, which is perfect for very dirty leather or vinyl boat seats.

Enviro-Clean is a true Swiss Army Knife and a clear winner among all purpose cleaners and degreasers.