Hey Dave! What’s the Deal with Absolute Rinseless?

My journey to build ABSOLUTE Rinseless Wash started in Carmel Valley, CA on the lawn at The Quail Motorsports gathering in August of 2021 with TEAM Double Black.  Prior to that time I had worked with our team on the features and benefits of a rinseless product, but was truly educated on what makes this category of product so unique while working on the lawn directly with our team. 

The team described in detail the key performance criteria necessary to produce a successful rinseless wash.  At that point, I formulated a checklist to utilize during the development process of ABSOLUTE Rinseless Wash.

  • Highly dilutable
  • Strong cleaning capacity
  • Dirt encapsulation
  • Easily wiped off
  • No water spots
  • Water softening
  • Hard water resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Work as a clay lubricant
  • work on paint
  • Streak free on glass, metal, and trim (basically every surface imaginable)
  • Stay fresh smelling in the bucket after an extended period of time
  • Work efficiently in a steamer and extractor
  • Low to non-foaming and not a detergent 

A tall order for sure!  In the development of the formula I started with the big points, soil encapsulation, good cleaning, hard water resistant and producing a clean residue free surface. Once I accomplished these I had a solid proof of concept formula.  Now it was time to focus on the finer details. The challenge was addressing the minor points of the product while maintaining all the main performance criteria and a solid consistent product.  Having a great team of testers and a key eye for what makes a successful product is huge.

Fast forward a year, and in the end, Absolute Rinseless Wash was formulated from the ground up as a Premium Soap Alternative. Utilizing a unique subset of Polymers, ABSOLUTE lifts and encapsulates dirt beyond what soap is capable of. Water is instantly softened upon mixture of ABSOLUTE, thus reducing chances of hard water spotting. The end-result is a purely clean and slick surface. Designed for use on Paint, Coatings, Wraps, PPF, Trim, Plastics, Leather and Upholstery.

As I look back on my career of formulating products, I think ABSOLUTE will rank near the top!