Just wanted to write a brief article on the progress with the RUPES Tool, our new High Action D/A Buffing Pads and recent observations with processes and procedures. As we continue to work with the RUPES Tool and FLEX we are expanding our band width of experiences and knowledge. We continue to be very impressed with the results when working with the RUPES Tool & FLEX and urge you to seriously look at looking at these tools and products.  These tools in conjunction with our pads and product are game changers when it comes to paint correction.

The new High Action D/A Pads p/n #P2712 & #P2716 have been great additions and for the most part have resolved any pad issue we were having. We still do recommend proper pad management when you using the RUPES & FLEX. A key procedure to follow when using these tools is to start and stop the pad when it is on the paint surface. It is an adjustment for detailers to change their buffing habits by keeping the pad flat on the surface, not place the pads on edge and continually keep the pad on the surface. We have also found it beneficial to use two pads per process when working on the vehicle. This helps manage the heating of the pads. As an example buff the hood using one pad and then change pads to a fresh one allowing the original pad to cool and continue that process throughout the paint correction process.

We are now also recommending use of SMART Compound and Full Throttle or Dark Supreme as exceptional products for use with either tool. Our initial focus was on the Restore DA System as the primary products to use with RUPES Tool and we are still fond of these products for a light to moderate 2-Step process for paint correction. However now that we have completed our testing with SMART Compound & Full Throttle or Dark Supreme we have found them to actually produce superior results.

We recently worked for a week testing various products from various competitors including Meguiar's, 3M, Menzerna and Sonax. SMART Compound, Full Throttle & Dark Supreme honestly consistently equalled or out performed these competitors products when using the RUPES and FLEX. Quite frankly we were blown away as to how well our products performed against such impressive competition.

The past three days was spent with Big Man Washes at the SCWA Show in Dallas, TX working on a black 2014 5 Series BMW on the trade show floor. Big Man Washes has the largest booth in the show and creates a ton of buzz at the show. We used both the RUPES and FLEX tools on the vehicle to produce flawless results (we will be posting pictures on our FB page). The vehicle was in good condition but had the typical scratches found on a new demo vehicle. At the conclusion of the show a very notable detailer trainer reviewed our work on the vehicle and without question said this was the most spectacular finish ever at a trade show:) To create the perfect finish we used the following: Step #1 - #A20 SMART Compound in conjunction with the #P2716 High Action D/A Orange Cut Pad to remove scratches and paint imperfections using the RUPES Tool. Step #2 - #B12 Dark Supreme in conjunction with the #P2712 High Action D/A Grey Polish Pad to jewel and create the "wow" finish using the RUPES Tool. Although it was not necessary we did place a coat of Velocity Glaze on the finish at the end just for fun. We also used a rotary tool to place some serious swirls in the paint and had no problem pulling them out using the process above. The fun part was when we placed sanding scratches in the paint and then pulled out the FLEX using #A20 SMART Compound and #P2716 High Action D/A Orange Cut Pad to pull out the sanding marks. It did an incredible job. The RUPES did not quite have enough action to pull out the sanding marks so we had to pull out the FLEX. Another cool test was performed by Chris from Big Man when he placed the Micro Fiber Finish Pad on the RUPES and used #B12 Dark Supreme to pull out some scratches. This combination was incredible

.Big Man BMW SWCA Show

We certainly continue to learn about these incredible tools and look forward to the future of paint correction.Cool