The Quail event at Monerey Car Week was even better than last year. Despite some ash and smoke from the huge local fires in California, the cars looked great. We will post a few more photos in our gallery area for people to take a closer look. 


Actual paint corection was kept to a minimum although a few members put several hours into a select few cars, in some cases stage three paint correction. Mostly we wiped the cars down with a group decision of either Epic Waterless Wash, Paint Gloss or Double Black Bead Maker. All the products performed fantastically. It was hard to get photos without an Insanity Towel in the picture. What else would you use on a million dollar car?

It is truly a priveledge to have the owners of these amazing cars requesting our assistance in preparing their cars for display and an honor to get invited back for a second year at The Quail.