We are pleased to announce a special event(s) we will be hosting in three locations in Northern California during the 2nd week of May. Our objective is to introduce the P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection and Renny Doyle to a large number of end users both professional and enthusiast. We are inviting all customers to these events. We realize this is a regional event but we certainly wanted to make all of our customers and members of Team P&S aware of this event. Most likely this will be a first annual of many similar events to be held each year and perhaps in the future around the country.

Renny, Dave, Mark and myself have spent all of this past week working with The Air Force One Detailing Team in Seattle, WA at Boeing. P&S Double Black is “The Official Detailing Product of The Air Force One Detailing Team”. Renny began this project back in 2002 when he first got a chance to work on AFO. Since then he has completed the project on 12 different occasions. This years event is extra special in that it is Boeing’s 100th Anniversary. The group of detailer’s is comprised of 60 individuals who have volunteered their time to work on this special project. During the two week period the team will work on 19 historical planes including the following - B17, B29, B47, 727 #1, 737 #1, 747 #1, 787 #3, F15, The Concorde and Air Force One, etc.

I hope many of you have been watching on Facebook as Renny has been doing live broadcasts daily. We have also been posting videos and a ton of images. Some of the videos posting by the team have received of 20K views. This is beyond special as the passion and dedication of the team is far beyond what any detailer could ever imagine. It is an honor to be working side by side with such a dedicated team. The group is called The Detail Mafia and have all been personally trained by Master Detailer Renny Doyle. The P&S Double Black Products have been exclusively used on this project.

To say we have a winner product line in Double Black is an incredible understatement. The AFO Team has welcomed the performance of these products. Our Metal Bright has performed beyond what we could have imagined. Keep in mind this team of professionals has been polishing metal for over 12 years and was thrilled with the performance of Metal Bright. Ego Maker has been used as a one step compound to polish all the painted surfaces. Paint Gloss has been used primarily as a waterless wash and Bead Maker is the final coat to add brilliance and protection.

We are thrilled with the progress we are making with P&S Double Black but we also know we have just started on our journey with Renny and Double Black. On a special note please take a minute of your time and friend Renny Doyle, Dave Phillips, myself and like the P&S FB page to get glimpse of what is going. It may blow your mind!