RUPES joined P&S on Monday April 4th at 7:00 PM for the monthly webinar series. RUPES Team members Jason Rose and Chip Case did an incredible job updating the P&S TEAM on the upgrades of the Mark II Tools and the soon to be released Nano. RUPES has been an incredible business partner for over 2.5 years and continues to amaze the industry by offering the next generation of tools for paint correction.

RUPES has impacted our industry in a positive manner over the last few years by simplifying the process of paint correction. The BigFoot series allows all detailers to produce guaranteed "swirl free" results in fewer steps and less time. Our industry is reluctant to change but the momentum of change is clearly happening. More and more detailers are adapting to the new age of paint correction by putting down their rotary polishers and replacing them with RUPES Tools. RUPES took a solid tool in the BigFoot Legacy Series tools and improved upon it by now offering the Mark II Series. The Mark II features 30% increase in power to the pad, quieter operation and improved tool balance. Both Legacy and Mark II BigFoots are available giving RUPES a strategic position in the market by offering a lower priced tool under the Legacy format and a standard priced tool with the Mark II Series

The Nano has yet to reach the market but rest assured this is one more game changer tool to be offered by RUPES. The Nano features iBrid Technology. iBrid being a play on words meaning the tool functions under battery power and electric power. The Nano is a toothbrush looking polisher allowing detailers to work in tight areas where traditional polishers can not effectively reach. The anticipation is high and the first release of tools for P&S are already sold. Chip Case mention the initial launch of tools will be available mid April and full production will be up and running by end of May. Our customers will have to be patient but supply will eventually catch up. The price tag on the Nano kit is $560 for the short neck version and $590 for the long neck.

We certainly want to thank Jason and Chip for their time and how much we look forward to working with RUPES in the future.