RUPES Training Event last week. We hosted over 40 individuals on Monday for the Sales Rep Session and on Tuesday we had over 50 detailers on hand to learn about RUPES. Chip & Todd did an incredible job on educating our team and customers on the benefits of using RUPES tools to conduct swirl free paint correction. We all learned a ton and can not wait to showcase our new skills to our clients.

During the event we quickly learned that offering the RUPES buffing pads and products are key to the tools success and giving our customers a choice on what they want to purchase would only add value to our business. We certainly will still be selling all the high action d/a pads along with our Platinum Paint Correction System but will also be adding RUPES Pads & Products. New RUPES items have been order and we expect full stock by no later than Friday September Friday September 4th, 2015.