I recently returned from Mobile Tech Expo held in Orlando, FL each year.  This is my third year to make the trip to Florida.  As many of you know I am on the board of the International Detailing Association and the annual Board Meeting is held at MTE.  Each time I’ve attended, I am totally impressed with the quality of information and attendees.  You may find SEMA far more impressive but in terms of detail instruction and dedicated information for detailers this event is far superior.

The IDA hosted a cocktail reception on Friday night the 16th.  This is the third year in a row and each year it has doubled in size.  At the reception the IDA gives a state of the detail industry update, thanks the board for all their hard work, outlines our goals and distributes awards.  The awards have become very popular.  So much so that the IDA received 8500 votes to pick the winners.  The winners of the awards were as follows:

2015 Mobile detailer of the Year: Joe Fernandez of Superior Shine Auto Detailing

2015 Detail Shop of the Year: Custom Car Care Wagga

2015 Supplier of the Year: Kevin Brown of BuffDaddy.com

2015 Detailer of the Year: Cougar Elfervig of Luxe Auto spa

2015 IDA Leadership Award: Rob Schruefer of On the Spot Mobile Detailing

2015 IDA Outstanding Service Award: Prentice St. Clair of Details in Progress

The IDA Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Phillips of P&S Detail Products

I am biased in regards to the awards this year as the IDA Board awarded the first ever IDA Lifetime Achievement Award to our company founder Bill Phillips my father.  This was a complete surprise as this award did not previously exist.  As described by my friend Mike Dickson:  The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an individual who dedicated himself to the detail industry in a manner consistent with ethics associated with IDA and contributed significant value to our industry.  It was clearly the proudest moment of my professional career.  The award rendered me absolutely speechless!  It was a great honor to accept such a prestigious award on behalf of my father.


This is just an example of what goes on at MTE and if you are looking to build a network of connections, increase your knowledge and get exposed to quality individuals in our industry do not miss MTE in 2016!