Not yet but, fantastic advances in the tools for fallout removal have hit the market. Clay impregnated towels and mitts are changing the way automotive surfaces are cleaned and perfected from industrial fallout, overspray and road contamination. Clay is still here but these towels are a better option with longer durability, faster results and ease of use.

Clay revolutionized the technology of surface contaminate removal and the new towels have made an evolutionary change to clay. Take a look at our video for a quick demo of how much better and faster these products can work.

Of course, we call our clay product Perfect Putty to be a little different but the industry calls it clay. For those new to this process or have never actually used clay, your automobile paint surface does not have to feel like sand paper as the surface ages. And you don’t have to use compounds or acids to bring it back to perfect. A little lubrication from Paint Gloss and a quick wipe over the surface with either Perfect Putty or Perfect Mitt, removes 98% of surface adhered contamination. Leaving your paint feeling like new, maybe even better.

After you wash your vehicle, industrial fallout removal should be your next step before any other restoration process. That means before spray wax, polish, finish wax or sealant. All these processes will be easier and get better results if you first clean the surface of all adhered surface contamination.