For the last 6 months we have been testing a prototype dressing code named Banana Banana.  The response in multiple markets has been very positive and we are now ready for official product release under the product name Dynamic Dressing. The product is synonymous to the Dynamic Dressing name.  The versatility of Dynamic Dressing is incredible.  Dynamic Dressing may be used at full strength for a high gloss finish or diluted up to 4 to 1 with water. Even at it’s full dilution, Dynamic Dressing has strong gloss and actually can be further diluted for more natural looks. Lower dilutions can be judiciously wipe applied for extreme gloss or extra dry surfaces. All concentrations can be spray applied or wipe applied. The product is very pleasant to use and is guaranteed not to cause any window fogging with interior use.

Dynamic Dressing

Dynamic Dressing is a perfect product for all dressing applications.  Since Dynamic is so concentrated it may be used at varying dilution ratios depending upon desired performance. Dynamic dilutes with water anywhere from 1:1 for a high gloss finish and up to 4:1 for a natural finish.  So, at its full dilution, 1 gallon will make five gallons of usable dressing. One product for multiple applications makes product management easier.

Dynamic Dressing may be used on tires, exterior trim, engine compartments, undercarriage, interior trim, leather and vinyl. Dyanmic Dressing has a yellow color and a pretty strong banana fragrance.

The official product release date is Monday June 9th, 2014.