BREAKING NEWS!!!! - P&S is pleased to announce the release of the new edition of our Detail Training Guide. We have taken our old guide and incorporated new insights from some of the rock star detailers in our industry, new P&S products and, of course, the new enhanced DA tools. We are excited for our detail education and certification students who will be using it as a definitive study guide during our monthly certification course.

Over the years our 10 Step Detailing Guide has been a viable tool for our clients but with all the changes on products, tools and accessories we have found it necessary to publish an updated edition. Mark Spindler - Director of Detail Training worked over the last six months to produce a new edition that includes all our new products, new tools (FLEX - RUPES in the processes and procedures. We offer the Detail Guide to all participants who partake in our monthly training and onsite education classes.

For those of you looking to take our monthly course, make sure you contact Mark @ 510-333-5095 or This class is available to all clients for $295. You can also check with your local representative who may be able to sponsor you into the class and cover the cost. During the one day course we cover all aspects of detailing.