When I am working with clients, demonstrating products, training detailers or just conducting goodwill visits, I usually get asked "what is my favorite product?". Since we spend most of our visits educating clients on paint correction and the skills associated with that process, you'd think I would suggest a product in the paint correction category. I do have my favorites like Full Throttle, Dark Supreme or our Euro Orange Center Perfect Pads. And, if you have worked with me, you know I use these products often. However, my favorite product is our interior cleaning product called #G13 XPRESS Interior Cleaner.

I regularly see detailers using traditional general purpose cleaners on interiors, missing out on the opportunity to use #G13 XPRESS Interior Cleaner. This product is amazing at cleaning hard surfaces on the interior of vehicles. Detailer’s have been forced to use harsh general purpose cleaners to clean interiors. Such cleaners can dry out leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. XPRESS Interior Cleaner leaves freshly cleaned surfaces feeling clean and residue free. It is an absolute pleasure to work with this product. It has no offensive odors and leaves the interiors looking natural.


  • Cleans leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces
  • Safe for all types of interior cleaning applications
  • Versatile performance
  • Fresh scented
  • Leaves no residue
  • Quick and effective
  • Perfect for express interior detailing


As one of the benefits of our new website, we can now showcase video content of our products.  We have produced a few videos to get us started and will continue to do so into the future.  Since XPRESS Interior Cleaner is my favorite product I thought it would be appropriate to have our first DetailStudio video feature XPRESS Interior Cleaner in action.