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Machine polishers have changed over the past few years and the variety of tools available is incredible. Polishers can be used as a final finish tool to achieve the ultimate gloss or to restore a very heavily deteriorated finish in need of serious paint correction. Choose the polisher that fits your needs. Whether you are a weekend enthusiast, a novice, or a professional detailer, we offer mechanical buffers to fit your level of experience.

We also offer a wide range of equipment to outfit both the auto enthusiast or professional. You may be in need of a quality carpet extractor, vacuum or parts. We have a substantial offering to set up every type of operation.

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Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - RUPES Polishers & Parts
RUPES has been manufacturing tools in Italy since 1947. Their tools recently arrived on the professional detailing seen a few years ago and have changed the way we polish paint. The RUPES...More Details »
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - Scangrip Detailing & Paint Lights
SCANGRIP has developed a complete concept of specialized work light solutions designed for the detailing and auto body shops. The unique features of the work lights are also specifically designed...More Details »
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - FLEX Polishers & Parts
When we think of German tools we think nothing but quality. You will not be disappointed with FLEX Tools. These tools are built for professionals and deliver incredible results. We focus our...More Details »
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - Detailer's Equipment
The final touches to your shop could include some unique equipment and here is where you can find these items. One of our most popular items are our detailers safety stands to make reaching tall areas on the vehicle much easier.
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - CYCLO Polishers & Parts
The CYCLO Polisher has been around forever! Rather than spin like traditional rotary polishers, the Cyclo Polisher's heads rotate in an overlapping circular motion. Its movement is almost...More Details »
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - DEWALT Polishers & Parts
DEWALT polishers are the backbone of the detailing industry when it comes to your standard rotary polisher. DEWALT builds a very durable tool built to withstand the day to day pounding of a high...More Details »
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - MYTEE Extractors & Parts
Over the years we have used many hot water carpet extraction machines. We recommend MYTEE Equipment because of their quality and engineering to work in a professional detail environment. There...More Details »
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - Hydro Product Proportioners
The proper dilution of chemicals is very important to performance and economics. We visit many shops and most do not dilute chemicals properly and are wasting product. HYDRO makes this job...More Details »
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment - Vacuums, Parts & Accessories
Oh yes do not forget vacuuming is a huge part of auto detailing. We find our clients investing in quality tools but neglect to do that when it comes to vacuuming. Strange since the vacuum is most...More Details »