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Enthusiast - Double Black, Renny Doyle Collection
Double Black, Renny Doyle Collection is a cutting edge, premium brand within our line of P&S products. Double Black products are approved by Renny as equal to or stand alone as the best he has...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Correction
Paint Correction is the most rewarding procedure that can be completed by a skilled professional detailer. Old and neglected paint can be revived to look like new. The Paint Correction process...More Details »
Enthusiast - Polishers & Equipment
Machine polishers have changed over the past few years and the variety of tools available is incredible. Polishers can be used as a final finish tool to achieve the ultimate gloss or to restore a...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Protection
After you've put so much work into your paint, protection is the final step to enhance and preserve that perfectly polished surface. Protection products add a slippery, sacrificial layer to the...More Details »
Enthusiast - Interior Cleaning & Care
A clean exterior looks great but a clean interior feels great. People that have mastered interior cleaning are looked upon as experts in the industry. The process of cleaning an interior is a...More Details »
Enthusiast - Interior & Exterior Dressings
Washing, cleaning, paint correction and protecting a vehicle restores the appearance and shine. But the final dressing and detail is where you bring out the value of a professional detail....More Details »
Enthusiast - Vehicle Washing & Glass Cleaning
Vehicle washing and glass cleaning is the most important step in properly detailing a vehicle. A good washing can save both time and money by eliminating procedures during the detailing process....More Details »
Enthusiast - Wheel Maintenance
Wheel well, rim cleaning and tire cleaning is very important to the overall appearance of a freshly detailed vehicle. Properly cleaned wheel wells and tires enhances the look and performance of...More Details »
Enthusiast - All Purpose Cleaners & Degreasers
All Purpose Cleaners & Degreasers have a wide range of applications associated with automotive detailing. APCs & Degreasers are formulated to dissolve grease and dirt from a large variety of...More Details »
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories
P&S offers a wide range of accessories to outfit every shop. Set your shop up properly by choosing from our selection of brushes, car wash equipment, bottles, sprayers, pumps, protective apparel, razor blades, etc.
Enthusiast - Miscellaneous
Headlight Restoration, Color Keyed Side Molding, Eagle Abrasives, Paints and Dyes, Metal Polish