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Wheel well, rim cleaning and tire cleaning is very important to the overall appearance of a freshly detailed vehicle. Properly cleaned wheel wells and tires enhances the look and performance of dressings. The variety of wheels makes selecting the right product critical. We highly recommend the use of non acid wheel cleaners as they are much less likely to damage a wheel during the cleaning process.

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Enthusiast - Wheel Maintenance - Non Acid Wheel Cleaners
We always recommend using Non Acid Wheel Cleaners. They are safe and effective at cleaning wheels without the risk of damage. The key is to allow enough dwell time for the chemical to do its job.
Enthusiast - Wheel Maintenance - Tire Cleaner
Getting tires properly cleaned prior to tire dressing application is very important.
Enthusiast - Wheel Maintenance - Compliant Car Care Products
The Compliant Car Care System is the perfect solution for product management, product dispensing and safety compliance. Compliant Car Care is a turnkey concept whereby detailers can match product...More Details »
Enthusiast - Wheel Maintenance - Tire Mounting Lubricant
We're not sure if an enthusiast could mount a tire without all the professional equipment but if you do, you're going to need this.
Enthusiast - Wheel Maintenance - Acid Wheel Cleaners
Acid Wheel Cleaners are very effective at cleaning wheels but should be used by educated professional detailers only. Although they are very effective at cleaning wheels, they also have a carry a...More Details »

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