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After you've put so much work into your paint, protection is the final step to enhance and preserve that perfectly polished surface. Protection products add a slippery, sacrificial layer to the surface that slowly wears off instead of your clear coat. They keep the surface looking freshly polished and reduce the possibility of scratching. Paint Protection may be completed as a regular maintenance step or the last step of a quality professional detail.

Your best product may be an Express Wax for speed and ease, or a paint sealant for maximum durability. Whatever your choice, you are sure to get a professionally built product that exceeds your expectations. If you have any doubt as to the best product for the job, contact a P&S product specialist.

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Enthusiast - Paint Protection - Express Waxes
Speed, ease of use and performance! That is what you get when you select one of our incredible Express Waxes. Express Waxes are formulated for a broad spectrum of applications for high volume waxing applications.
Enthusiast - Paint Protection - Paint Sealants
Max durability, UV protection and performance. If you are looking to achieve the ultimate paint finish we recommend coating your paint with one of our fine paint sealant products. Make sure you...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Protection - Quick Detailers
Thanks to our master chemist P&S is known to have some of the best Quick Detailers available. Quick Detailers are used as surface lubricants during the industrial fallout process, final wipe down...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Protection - Specialty Waxes
Specialty Waxes includes unique products manufactured for specific applications such as marine, matte paint, use in wet environments or waterless wash. If you find yourself looking for...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Protection - Ultracoat Protection System
Ultracoat Protection System is a complete automotive appearance package. The Ultracoat Protection System protects exterior paint against environmental conditions such as loss of gloss, oxidation,...More Details »

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