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Paint Correction is the most rewarding procedure that can be completed by a skilled professional detailer. Old and neglected paint can be revived to look like new. The Paint Correction process requires a variety of compounds, polishes, swirl mark removers, pads and equipment to complete the process. Utilize our site, products and experts to assist you in obtaining the correct product mix to develop a quality paint correction process.

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Enthusiast - Paint Correction - Platinum Paint Correction System
We are please to introduce our “NEW” Platinum Paint Correction System. The Platinum System features color coded products to match our exclusive Center Perfect Pad and High Action D/A Pad...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Correction - Compounds
Compounds are formulated to restore scratched, oxidized or damaged paint. Compounds work together with various types of buffing pads and equipment to remove scratches, oxidation and neglected...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Correction - Polishes
This is where the fun starts! Polishing is where we put the final shine back into the paint. Polishing includes removing fine scratches, swirl marks, light paint imperfections and jeweling the paint surface to extreme gloss.
Enthusiast - Paint Correction - Restore D/A Refinish System
The Restore DA Refinishing System provides a safe method to resolve paint imperfections with virtually no risk of paint damage. This two step system is designed for both professional and novice...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Correction - Fallout Removers & Surface Prep Cleaners
Prior to conducting any type of paint correction or protection it is always recommended that you remove any type of surface contaminants. Surface contaminants include industrial fallout, rail...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Correction - Buffing Pads
6.5 Foam Buffings Pads may be used on our hand P205 Applicator or attached to rotary, dual action or high action polishers. We offer them in three formats: Yellow Cut Foam, Euro Orange Cut/Polish Foam and Grey Polish Foam.
Enthusiast - Paint Correction - Polishers & Equipment
Machine polishers have changed over the past few years and the variety of tools available is incredible. Polishers can be used as a final finish tool to achieve the ultimate gloss or to restore a...More Details »
Enthusiast - Paint Correction - Cleaning Solvents
P & S has a variety of tested and safe solvents for removing tar, glue and overspray. VOC compliant solvents are available and exclusively sold in areas that require environmentally improved cleaners.