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Washing, cleaning, paint correction and protecting a vehicle restores the appearance and shine. But the final dressing and detail is where you bring out the value of a professional detail. Properly applied tire dressing is the icing to the exterior and conditioned leather is the foundation for a great looking interior. When used correctly interior and exterior dressings are the key to the quality appearance of a freshly detailed vehicle.

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Enthusiast - Interior & Exterior Dressings - Solvent Based Dressings
A component of a dressing is the carrying agent that transports the active ingredient to the dressing surface and in the case of solvent based tire dressings it just so happens to be a solvent....More Details »
Enthusiast - Interior & Exterior Dressings - Specialty Dressings
Todays interiors demand unique quality products to produce the desired appearance of critical customers. We do not want interiors to look dressed. They should look like new, conditioned and...More Details »
Enthusiast - Interior & Exterior Dressings - Water Based Dressings
Water based dressing technology has excelled over the last few years due to VOC regulations. We have focused much of our energy to formulate incredible water based dressings for use on both...More Details »
Enthusiast - Interior & Exterior Dressings - Aerosol Dressings
Aerosol dressings are a detailers friend when it comes time for the final detail and inspection process. These dressings are commonly used to touch up interior vents, trim and hard to reach...More Details »
Enthusiast - Interior & Exterior Dressings - Silicone Free Dressing
When working in a body shop environment a silicone free tire dressing and interior dressing is a must. Silicone is often the cause of paint contamination during the painting process so if you...More Details »

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