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Micro Fiber Pads are relatively new to auto detailing. These pads are primarily for use with our Restore DA Refinishing System with traditional dual action polishers for light to moderate paint correction.

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Description: Bead Maker Edgeless Towel 500 GSM - 16" x 16" Ultimate Wipe Down Experience Towels Sold Separately Select Towel of Detail Professionals Part #'s: s1142 More Details »
Item #: S1142
Condition: New
Price: $7.75
Sale: $5.80
Save: 25%
Save: $1.95

Description: Inspiration Coating Edgeless Towel 16" x 16" Dual Pile Feature Towels Sold Separately Select Towel For Inspiration Coating Part #'s: s1143 More Details »
Item #: S1143
Condition: New
Price: $2.50

Description: Revelation Drying Towel Double Up Towel Construction 20" x 24" Dries Surfaces Immediately Twist Loop Weave Part #'s: s1141 More Details »
Item #: S1141
Condition: New
Price: $17.25

Items 1-3 of 3

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