P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection

Renny Doyle has teamed up with P&S to help develop our latest product offering named P&S Double Black, Renny Doyle Collection. After working with Renny over the last year we quickly realized his talent for analyzing and developing products. His keen sense of performance characteristics gives us an extreme advantage over our competition and we are thrilled with the initial product offering in the Double Black line.

Double Black symbolizes our dedication and commitment to providing products developed for Professional Detailer’s. Double Black, Renny Doyle Collection is a cutting edge premium brand within our line of P&S products designed to help build our brand nationally and globally. Double Black is comprised of some existing products selected by Renny during events like McCall’s Motorworks Revival Event, The Quail and Air Force One. We have also added new products, built to Renny’s specifications.

This select group of existing products are some of our icon products our clients have been using for years; Paint Gloss Showroom Shine, Pearl Auto Shampoo, Terminator (adjusted formula for Renny), Shine All Performance Dressing and Dynamic Dressing. The “NEW” products focus on exterior paint correction and interior cleaning. The new products include EGO Maker Compound, Deep Finish Polish, Bead Maker, Carpet Bomber and Finisher.

Many companies focus their efforts on paint correction which is a key component of detailing and EGO Maker, Deep Finish and Bead Maker will be met with rave reviews. But Renny was most excited about the interior products because it is a neglected product segment. The combination of Terminator, Carpet Bomber and Finisher will most likely the biggest success in the DB line. This unique product combination focuses on cleaning carpet and upholstery in a systematic process, producing amazing results. The DB line will be fully available for distribution through our distribution partners and our website by April 4th, 2016.

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Micah 03/22/16 03:14:16 AM

This is very exiting news! I defiantly plan on getting these products. Thank you for all you guys do to keep this industry exiting!

Tim 03/22/16 06:39:42 AM

I will be getting some of the new items along with several other items to. Bob and Dave, You and your staff or awesome. Thanks for keeping us Detailers with awesome knowledge and up to date products.

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renuka 06/02/17 09:55:51 AM

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hellenjos 07/11/17 12:04:21 PM

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renuka 07/14/17 11:01:10 AM

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Amelia 08/17/17 01:24:10 PM

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