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Dear P&S Family,

We just want to take some time to reflect on Monterey Car Week! The event far exceeded our expectations. The team of professional detailers - The Detail Mafia absolutely killed it on behalf of our company. We owe the team a serious thank you for taking a week off to help promote our company and products. Our product and their talents were showcased at two of the most prestigious events during the biggest automotive event second to SEMA.

Take a look at how the event was covered by a Local Monterey News Cast

We arrived at the 24th Annual McCalls's Motorworks Revival Event on Tuesday morning and were greeted immediately by Gordon McCall who directed us to a private hanger to begin our projects. The types, value and brand of vehicles are to numerous to mention but a few to spark your interest were Maserati, Lamborghini, Lykan Hypersport, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ford GT, Cobra, Porsche, Bugatti........and beyond.

Quite a few pictures are available on our gallery. And you can find many more on our P & S Facebook page as well as connections to some of the best detailers in the business.

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