NEW Products - Rotary Brush & Mini Clay Towel

#R3550 Rotary Carpet & Upholstery - 5" Diameter W/.875" Nylon Bristles Perfect for shampooing carpets and upholstery. The velcro back allows the brush to attach to any velcro back up plate on a rotary or D/A polisher. Detailers work miracles with this brush on seriously dirty carpets, carpet mats, seats and other cloth surfaces. Great for use as a dry scrubber or wet shampooing. Rotary Carpet Brush

#K3611 Mini Surface Prep Clay Towel - 7” x 7” This smaller version of the Mini Surface Prep Clay Towel packs all the punch of the regular towel but in a smaller format. The Mini Surface Prep Towel when used in combination with #C50 Paint Gloss removes all types of surface contaminants including fallout, rail dust, overspray and other surface debris. The benefit is the size fits perfectly in your hand and at a lesser prep towel

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