High Action Dual Action Pad System

The process of paint correction has changed with the introduction of High Action D/A tools like the FLEX XC 3401 VRG Positve Drive Polisher and RUPES Big Foot Polishers. These tools are exceptional at producing flawless results with virtually no risk of paint damage while producting a 100% swirl free finish. However with the increased power and design of these tools has created a need for pads that can hold up to the demands of this new style of paint correction.

High Action Dual Action Pad System

#P2712 Polishing Pad – Grey – For softer paints, final step polishing to remove swirl marks, light scratches and light paint imperfections. A very soft pad used to produce flawless results.

#P2713 HD Cut Pad – Euro Yellow – A cutting pad built to perform with aggressive compounds to remove sand scratches, scratches and serious paint imperfections. The euro foam construction also allows it to be used with medium duty correction product to produce flawless results.

#P2715 Polish Pad – Euro Blue – For softer paints, final step polishing to remove swirl marks, light scratches and light paint imperfections.  Pad is constructed of firmer foam allowing it to be used as a perfect one step paint correction pad.

#P2716 Cut Pad – Euro Orange – A universal pad to remove moderate paint imperfections including scratches and swirl marks. A great one-step pad that can be used for any paint correction process. 

The High Action Dual Action Pad System is a perfet addtion to our current extensive line of pads available to Enthusiasts and Professionals.

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