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Max durability, UV protection and performance. If you are looking to achieve the ultimate paint finish we recommend coating your paint with one of our fine paint sealant products. Make sure you get that paint perfect prior to coating the surface. No sense wasting a good product by placing it on a sketchy paint surface. Once you have completed your paint correction, polishing or you have a new vehicle apply a coat of our curable paint sealant and observe the gloss you desire.

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Polymer Paint Sealant
Description: Polymer Paint Sealant Final Step Product High Gloss Durable Curing Finish Part #'s: C160Q, C1601 Download MSDS: Ultracoat Wax - C16 More Details »
Item #: C16
Condition: New
Available in Quarts & Gallons
Price: $32.40

Paint Protectant
Description: Spray Allied Cured protection Long Lasting Shine Highly Hydrophobic Extremely Easy to Use Pint and Gallon Available Call for Quote --> Part #'s: C250P, C2501 Download SDS:...More Details »
Item #: C25
Condition: New
Available in Pint and Gallon
Price: $10.60

Exterior Ceramic Coating
Description: Durable Protective Layer of Clear Protection Resistant to Chemical & UV Damage Creates Hydrophobic Layer Resistant to Corrosion & Oxidation 3D Crosslinking Polymer 30 ml Call for...More Details »
Item #: C2630
Condition: New
Available 30 ml bottle.
Price: $93.25

Exterior Ceramic Coating
Description: Prep Solution for Inspiration Coating Cleans Paint Surfaces Removes Wax, Silicone & Other Contaminats Allow Product To Work For 30 Seconds 30 ml Call for Quote --> Part #'s:...More Details »
Item #: C270P
Condition: New
Available in Pints
Price: $13.95

Items 1-4 of 4

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