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P&S offers a wide range of accessories to outfit every shop. Set your shop up properly by choosing from our selection of brushes, car wash equipment, bottles, sprayers, pumps, protective apparel, razor blades, etc.

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Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Wheel Woolies
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Barrel Pumps & Dispensing Products
If you purchase in a container larger than a gallon then you are going to require the proper accessories to dispense your product. Select a spigot for the five gallon and barrel pumps for drums.
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Bottles & Sprayers
OSHA requires proper labeling of secondary container spray bottles. This can be a challenge for detail operations. P&S has made this very easy by offering color coded spray bottles for the...More Details »
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Car Protective & Plastic Products
Once you have completed the detail it is very important to protect the interior of the car prior to delivery. This category of products includes paper floor mats, seat covers and adhesive floor mats for auto dealers.
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Car Wash Brushes
Car Wash Brushes are excellent at reaching areas that can be unreachable by hand. They also help to speed up the wash process in a high production environment. Professional brushes are designed...More Details »
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Detail Brushes
The secret to a perfect detail is making sure you deliver the vehicle without any residual product left behind. Get that detail brush out and make it right. Detail brushes softly remove residue...More Details »
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - General Purpose Brushes
General purpose brushes are designed to use for various purposes like scrubbing carpets, interiors, wheels, tires, upholstery, etc.
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Interior Cleaning Brushes
Interior Brushes are for the specific purpose of aid in the cleaning and scrubbing the interior of a vehicle. These brushes include a dash vent brush, pet hair removal brush & stone along with...More Details »
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Micro Fiber & Towels
Micro Fiber Pads are relatively new to auto detailing. These pads are primarily for use with our Restore DA Refinishing System with traditional dual action polishers for light to moderate paint correction.
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Protective Apparel
As detailers we work with chemicals every day and need to pay attention to wearing the proper protective apparel. When working with chemicals we always recommend wearing protective gloves and...More Details »
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Razor Blades & Scrapers
Razor Blades & Scrapers are all about getting off the hard to get stuff off various surfaces. Use these tools to remove touch stickers, adhesive and other debris.
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Steel Wool
Steel Wool may not be something we think to use on an automobile but for detailing it seriously has some great uses. Detailers use steel wool to aid in the removal of various types of materials...More Details »
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Wax Applicators, Sponges & Chamois
All types of wax applicators, sponges and synthetic chamois are used for detailing cars. Select from a wide range of accessories to outfit your shop or garage.
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Wheel & Tire Brushes
Pretty much everything we detail has four tires and cleaning the tires and wheels is very important. Use selected brushes to scrub the tires and rims to make sure you get them clean. These...More Details »
Enthusiast - Brushes & Accessories - Paint Brushes

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