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Acid Wheel Cleaners are very effective at cleaning wheels but should be used by educated professional detailers only. Although they are very effective at cleaning wheels they also have a carry a significant health risk to the user when not used properly and can damage wheels. You will not any of these products for sale off our website and must be purchased through one of our quality distribution partners.

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Description: Spray On Spray off Dirt Clean tight Spaces Corrosive product not available for web sales Part #'s: N1501, N1505, N1530, N1555 Download SDS: Wire Wheel Clnr - N15 More Details »
Item #: N15
Condition: New
Please Call for Availability
Available in 1 Gal, 5 Gal, 30 Gal, & 55 Gal.
Product Can Not be shipped via Fed Ex or UPS
Call For Price: 1-800-648-6728
Items 1-1 of 1